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De La Soul Buhloone Mindstate 25th Anniversary Mixtape

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De La Soul <i>Buhloone Mindstate</i> 25th Anniversary Mixtape
De La Soul Buhloone Mindstate 25th Anniversary Mixtape

De La Soul‘s third studio album Buhloone Mindstate was released on 21st September 1993 and provided another step change in the celebrated band’s constant evolution. As the group’s last album produced by long time production partner Prince Paul, the LP was no less musically ambitious than previous efforts. Sample material, as before, touches on Soul, Funk, Rock & Jazz, this time with the incorporation of some guest vocalists and notably live instrumentation from jazz/funk legends and frequent James Brown collaborators Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley and Pee Wee Ellis. The result is an album that, even if not their best selling, certainly stands up to its critical acclaim 25 years after release. “It might blow up, but it won’t go pop” as the album’s mantra states.

In celebration of the album’s 25th anniversary we’re pleased to present in collaboration with Who Sampled this exclusive mixtape of album cuts, remixes, interview snippets and of course original sample material, mixed by Chris Read.


1. De La Soul – Ego Trippin (Part Two) (L.A Jay Remix Instrumental)
2. Chris Read – Theme #3 (Scratchapella)
3. Johnnie Taylor – Love In The Streets (Ain’t Good As Love At Home) (sampled in ‘3 Days Later’)
4. Maseo Interview Extract
5. Five Stairsteps – Don’t Change Your Love [Loop] (sampled in ‘3 Days Later’)
6. De La Soul – 3 Days Later
7. Lou Donaldson – Hot Dog (sampled in ‘3 Days Later’)
8. Parliament – Come Out In The Rain [Loop] (sampled in ‘Paul’s Revenge’)
9. De La Soul – ‘Paul’s Revenge’
10. Grandmaster & The Furious Five – Flash It To The Beat (sampled in ‘Stone Age’)
11. De La Soul feat Biz Markie – Stone Age
12. Jackie Robinson – Pussyfooter [Extract] (sampled in ‘Stone Age’)
13. Public Enemy – B Side Wins Again [Extract] (sampled in ‘Stone Age’)
14. Melvin Bliss – Synthetic Substitution [Loop] (sampled in ‘Stone Age’)
15. The Outlaw Blues Band – Deep Gully (sampled in ‘Intro’)
16. De La Soul – Intro
16. Lou Rawls – You’ve Made Me So Very Happy (sampled in ‘I Be Blowin’)
17. Maseo Interview Extract
18. De La Soul feat Maceo Parker – I Be Blowin
19. De La Soul – I Am I Be
20. Jeff Beck – Come Dancing (sampled in ‘Area’)
21. Spoonie Gee & The Treacherous Three – New Rap Language [Extract] (sampled in ‘Area’)
22. De La Soul – Area
23. Lonnie Smith – Spinning Wheel (sampled in ‘In The Woods’)
24. De La Soul feat Shortie No Mass – In The Woods
25. De La Soul – Dave Has A Problem… Seriously
26. Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It (sampled in ‘Breakadawn’)
27. Bar Kays – Sang and Dance [Extract] (sampled in ‘Breakadawn’)
28. Pointer Sisters – Yes We Can Can [Loop] (sampled in ‘Breakadawn’)
29. De La Soul – Breakadawn
30. Smokey Robinson – A Quiet Storm (sampled in ‘Breakadawn’)
31. Al Hirt – Harlem Hendoo (sampled in ‘Ego Trippin’ (Part Two))
32. De La Soul – Ego Trippin’ (Part Two)
33. De La Soul – Eye Patch
34. De La Soul & Guru feat Fred Wesley & Pee Wee Ellis – Patti Dooke
35. De La Soul feat Scha Dara Parr & Takagi Kan – Long Island Wildin’
36. Duke Pearson – Ground Hog (sampled in Long Island Wildin’)

Artwork: Leon Nockolds

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