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Contemporary Jazz

Curated by Darrel Sheinman of Gearbox Records

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Contemporary Jazz Playlist
Contemporary Jazz Playlist

    Despite the many differences in structure and sound design, jazz and punk are more alike than we might think. The similarities become clear from the releases on London-based Gearbox label. Together with legendary Blue Note engineer Rudy Van Gelder, label head Darrel Sheinman built a high-end analog studio in 2012, which now provides a home to a young jazz generation that brings free-form back to the present time. 

     The history of Sheinman’s Gearbox label is full of apparent contradictions. After successfully releasing old BBC U.K. jazz recordings on vinyl, they focused on rising new artists. After building up a U.S. audience, they opened an office in Japan. “It seems like a paradox, but I totally believe in elitism—for everybody!” says Sheinman.

    Enjoy a Contemporary Jazz Playlist curated by Sheinman.

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